Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Lutfullah Nejrabi

Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of National Unity Government, said that a trilateral agreement between China, Russia and the United States to provide peace in Afghanistan could provide new ways to secure the country and end the battle. “At present, we have been able to force the countries of the world to respect the Afghan peace process,” said Mr. Abdullah at the ceremony of 8 Sawr. “The Trilateral efforts of the powerful countries of the world and the efforts of the citizens of the country are not commendable.”

Meanwhile, Afghan President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani said peace is vital to us and the Afghan Republic as well. Mr. Ghani adds: “We will not hesitate to make any effort to end the Afghan crisis. The Afghan crisis will end soon and peace will be provided in the country. In addition, we are determined to have a collective agreement to end the crisis in the country.”

These statements come as the US, Russia and China yesterday agreed at a Moscow meeting to resume peace talks to end the crisis in Afghanistan.

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