Reporter: Mohammadin Agharkhil

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said at the ceremony commemorating the (15 feb) of the day the Red Army left the country: Afghan politicians must have a good and legitimate competition and the Afghan jihad is a lesson for us today. Mr. Abdullah, referring to the Mujahiden combats, added: The Mujahideen were not in the position of authority, but because of the jihad in the cause of God, the period of the Resistance of Afghanistan is a proud period in the history of the country.

Meanwhile, Hizb-e-Islami leader Abdulhadi Arghandival said: “Due to the jihad and the victims of the Afghan people, not only this country but all of the Asian countries were liberated, our sacrifice and stand during the jihad, far from the imagination of others and a job It was impossible. ”

Mr. Arghandival, referring to the current situation in Afghanistan, added: “Unless we respond to the truth and belief in God, we will not win. If different groups want peace in Afghanistan, they must peace with the government of this country, not with the other leaders”.

After nearly a decade of fighting in front of the Red Army, the Mojahedin forced the country to leave Afghanistan in 1988. A battle that martyred nearly a million people and displaced more than 4 million people.

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