Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ferdows Rasouli

A day ago, Kabul witnessed a terrorist attack, in which at least 6 civilians were killed and 33 others wounded. Earlier one day ago Taliban attacked on Kandahar Police headquarters. Two horrible events that offended senior officials of the national unity government anger and Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the country, denouncing the attacks, emphasized that the Taliban are still not believers in peace and life without violence. “The terrorist attacks in Kabul and Kandahar were horrific; these two cowardly events show that, contrary to the pious claims, there has been no change in the perception of the Taliban’s terrorist and violent acts.” Mr. Abdullah added.

The country’s chief executive continues to emphasize: “Despite the knowledge of the goals and plans of the terrorist groups, it was expected that after several meetings and talks on peace, a change in the behavior and actions of the Taliban would take place. But they continued to be repeatedly persecuted the civilian casualties including women and children, which proved that they have no belief in the peace and future of violence free Afghanistan.”

The 50-50 partner of the power in Afghanistan once again condemned these terrorist incidents and insisted that the Taliban should prevent the increase in civilian casualties in terrorist incidents and prevent them from occurring such acts as soon as possible.

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