Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Karimullah Ebrahimi

Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the Afghan National Unity Government, denied alleging that US forces were involved in the assassination of Kandahar Police Chief General Abdul Raziq Achakzay. At a meeting of the Ministers Council, Mr. Abdullah has said that the assassination of General Raziq was a huge disaster, adding: “I have no doubt that General Raziq has been martyred by the Taliban and the enemies of Afghanistan. The rumor that Kandahar commander and Kandahar’s chief of security have been killed by foreign forces is a throwback to the enemy’s mill. These rumors were spread by the enemies of Afghan people, in order to undermine the anti-terrorist bloc’s queue and fight against them. ”

The chief executive of the country has called on all citizens, especially the youth generation, to avoid spreading rumors about this tragic event. “The emotions of our youth generation are understandable, but they should not be a hunt for the enemies of the Afghan people,” he emphasized. “The enemy will succeed when it flourishes in unifying the single quest for a better peace and future for Afghanistan. » Said Abdullah Afghanistan chief executive head.

Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Raziq and General Mummen Hussainkhail, the security director of the Kandahar province, claimed to have been shot down by a Taliban infiltrated guard who was serving as the Kandahar governor’s bodyguard last Thursday with a number of his guards. The event took place when a security meeting was held between US forces and local officials on holding elections and security issues in the province.

On the other hand, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and found it to be a great achievement. Following the assassination of General Abdul Raziq, gossip and sectarian views about his murder were reflected on social networks, and a number of citizens claimed that general Raziq assassination was carried out by American forces attending the meeting with local authorities in Kandahar province.

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