Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Mortaza Haidary

Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of National Unity Government, has stated that today’s terror attack in Helmand is human rights crimes against the Afghan citizens which occurred in the commemoration ceremony of farmer day. Mr. Abdullah has said that terrorists do not stand up to any Islamic and human principles. “The people of Afghanistan are once again witnessing a cowardly terrorist attack that seeks to halt the country’s progress,” he added. “But such attacks will make us stronger than before, and will become more determined for the development of Afghanistan.”

Sepaedar palace newsletter has quoted by the country’s chief executive officer that he has stated: “The terrorists will not, in any case, achieve their malicious goals, because they are always on the path to violence. We believe that the group is suppressed by the efforts of the people of Afghanistan and the country’s security forces, I believe that the terrorist groups will never achieve their goals. ”

The Chief Executive of National Unity Government has also said that the Afghan security forces are ready to sacrifice their lives in order to defend their people and secure their land, and they will respond to such attacks that the terrorists are launching against Afghan citizens and the countries members.

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