Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khurasani

The chief executive of the National Unity Government says that if electoral problems are not resolved now, that the disaster in the leading elections will be repeated and the country will go through the crisis. Abdullah Abdullah said this in a meeting with the voters’ enrollment process at the Kabul Naderia High School, in which he called on the people to ensure that they are registered in the upcoming three days in which this process will end, he has urged the voters to check their names in the tables, Because the voter list table is the main point on the day of voting.

Mr. Abdullah also said that the Electoral commissions should arrange the names in alphabetical order or in another way so that voters will not be in trouble on the elections day. He also suggested to the Electoral Commission that the voters should be printed and it must be installed in voting centers that the voters are registered, and these lists should be made available online to the citizens of the country. The chief executive also criticized the Independent Election Commission’s announcement in connection with the enrollment of voters, adding that “people have not yet been aware of this process and they do not know if their name is not being mistaken or not recorded, to the polling stations so the people should go to the registration centers and the must record their names or modify them.

He stressed that “no interference has taken place from any employees belonging to the executive director office in the electoral affairs, but there are complaints about the interference of others. Election commissions have a great responsibility and should act independently so that the problems should not be repeated because the country will go through the crisis this time. “However, the process of enrollment of voters in 33 provinces of the country and the general registration process in Ghazni province is available until the upcoming four other days all over the country.

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