Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Correspondent: Maiwand Nawabi

Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s chief executive, said at the 5th Summit Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building in Asia (SICA) that achieving security and prosperity in the region is possible only through close-up regional cooperation. The country’s chief executive emphasizes on the need to tackle the challenges of rarity, population growth, climate change, corruption, armed conflict, violent extremism, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and the threat of terrorist attacks in a serious and fundamental way.

“The threats posed by terrorist acts are still one of the major challenges facing our countries and the region,” said Mr. Abdullah. “The critical security situation creates serious challenges for development and economic cooperation. Addressing common challenges and threats requires joint efforts and serious cooperation. We must work together in a spirit of regionalism to consolidate security and stability and bring peace and prosperity to our people. To achieve this, it’s important that we cooperate actively and consistently in all countries, especially in the security sector, in order to prevent the damage caused by the terrorist attacks. ”

The chief executive of the country has emphasized: “We must deprive insurgents of safe havens and tools and equipment for terrorist activities. To achieve this goal, we need to increase regional and international cooperation, because no country alone can solve the problem of terrorist attacks. Afghanistan is a thirst for peace and is working to achieve peace. We want peace and understand the importance of peace not only for our own country but for the region and beyond. We hope that we will continue to work with our partners and that this cooperation will expand further because we cannot abandon one another in the war on regional terrorism and the growing growth of terrorist groups such as ISIS in the region.”

The country’s chief executive also calls on the countries of the region to make the heart of Asia or Istanbul summit as one of the other important initiatives to strengthen regional cooperation. This process provides more context for regional confidence-building and interaction. As a member of the Sika, Afghanistan is at the forefront of this trend. We have not made any effort to highlight the CICA and its goals as one of the most important regional organizations for the success of the Asian Heart Process.

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