Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Abdullah Abdullah, in a meeting with the leadership of Afghanistan’s security and defense forces, says peace is the main duty of government leaders, but this peace must be lasting, dignified and legitimate. He emphasizes that peace should not be an excuse to lower the security forces’ preparedness and weaken the will of these forces to defend their people and their land. According to Mr. Abdullah: “The defense and security forces will also be crowned with peacekeepers because they are proud of peace and this credit will return to them.”

Referring to subsequent battles, he called on Afghan security forces to provide opportunities to reduce the casualties of their forces and prevent civilian casualties. “The prevention of civilian casualties and military casualties should be prioritized by security and defense forces, cooperation with international donors and the use of schools, clinics and other areas of general interest should be addressed to the forces to do not use it as their bases during the fight against terror.” Mr. Abdullah stated to Security and defense of Afghanistan. ”

Mr. Abdullah emphasizes that the efforts of the Afghan military have prevented the terror perpetrators from achieving their goals. According to the chief executive of National Unity Government, terrorists wanted to capture several provinces of the country and prevent parliamentary elections, but the sacrifices made by the Afghan security forces did not provide the opportunities to seize their objectives and their plans were ruled out.

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