Pasbanan- Kabul:

Election debate is hotter these days. While every day, terrorists plan new programs to stop this trend and do not even halt the killing of civilians, but it is still expected that the people will again go to ballot boxes to determine their fate in the upcoming elections. On this occasion, Abdullah Abdullah chief executive of national unity government emphasized in a  26 ceremony of mujahidin victory in Panjshir: “The Mujahidin and resistance followers will have their independent candidate in the presidential elections, they will choose their nominee in unity, and the tradition continues with unity and understanding.”

Mr. Abdullah spokesman Mojeeb Rahimi has written on his Facebook page quoted Mr. Abdullah saying: “Maybe some people will try to take the path of the deputy, but this does not matter to us and does not affect the will and decision of our nation and our people. After adopting a joint and unified decision to nominate a presidential candidate, mujahedeen will choose their path to dignity and authority.” This statement was made while the former Balkh Governor, Atta Muhammad had said, he will be a nominee in upcoming elections or even he will become a deputy of some Presidential candidates.

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