Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Lutfullah Nejrabi

Abdullah Abdullah, the Afghan Chief Executive of National Unity government, says that if peace talks between the Taliban and the United States have come to an agreement in real terms, this progress is significant. “If talks with the United States has reached to an agreement and if it’s true, that trough this talks peace could be achieved,” said Mr. Abdullah, “as we know the engagement of terrorist groups with the Taliban has put Afghanistan to a worst situation, on the one hand, and brought the situation to worst in Afghanistan, and on the other hand, the countries of the region are worried of their acts, that we would like the Taliban to take on the reality of the terrorist groups and to abandon relations with these groups. ”

Mr. Abdullah believes that peace and elections are both necessary and important and these two phenomena are a priority of the national unity government, he emphasizes that there are no alternative options for the election. “If the Taliban once again used the peace talks to their propaganda and, as in the past, once again, only commit themselves to peace, then it will not work,” he added. “Because the decision of the Afghanistan people belongs to the legitimate government of the country.”

The country’s chief executive continues: “I believe that the Taliban are calling for dialogue with the national unity government then there would be no excuse for them, If the Taliban are really looking for achievements in the process of peace, so that the group does not give any reason to start their direct talks with the Afghan government, we believe in the unity and security of Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government has repeatedly emphasized that the Taliban have used the peace process and increased their attacks rather than wars.

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