While Abdullah Abdullah is busy with his three days Britain tour, Mark Link Ester Minister of governance on behalf of Military forces for Britain host him yesterday. In this meeting, Mr. Abdullah once again warned Pakistan to do not use terrorism as a foreign policy tool. He said: “the regional countries must fight jointly against terrorists, instead of using terrorists as an instrument of their foreign policy.”

Mr. Abdullah also emphasized in his meeting that: “currently Afghan security and defense forces are fighting against several terrorist groups, but the implementation of security in the country is still a challenge to Afghanistan. I strongly support British forces efforts to fight terrorists in Afghanistan and I am thankful for all Programs you have made for the county.”

In this meeting, Mr. Mark lank Ester also highlighted that British support and Military presence in Afghanistan is fully supported by British people and UK government is supporting all those efforts which would be managed by Afghans. He also added that British wants from all regional countries to work jointly for implementation of Peace and stability in Afghanistan.


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