Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

While Noor Mohammad Noor was appointed as senior advisor for the elections commission and presidential palace has also approved this selection, the Stability and Convergence electoral team affiliated with Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s chief executive, has rejected this appointment. In a newsletter published by the Stability and Convergence Campaign, it is stated: “The Stability and Convergence Campaign believes that, given its bitter past experiences, government interference in the affairs of election committees and as appointing the former officials of this organization in new position whom are connected in organizing re-election fraud.” Former and ousted officials undermine public confidence in the commissions and prevent a credible, universal and credible election.”

Meanwhile, the Stability and Convergence campaign newsletter wrote: “The Stability and Convergence Team expresses its protest in this regard and calls for the immediate removal of Mr. Noor from this position and the suspension of presidential interference in the internal affairs of the commissions. The Presidential Palace, however, has repeatedly insisted that it will never interfere in the presidential election process.

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