Kabul Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehdi Naibi

Abdulmatin Baik, chairman of the local government department of the National Accountability Program, said that the ILO played a key role in the areas of legislation, service provision, facilitation and urban services improvement last year.

Mr. Baik added that last year’s local government year, 25 percent of the president’s time was allocated to local offices, which can be referred to provincial headquarters and provincial officials.

Mr. Baik said last year, municipalities have been recruited in competition in most major cities, with two of them being women.

Meanwhile, the groundwork for the presence of district governors in 93 percent of the districts of the country, the equalization of district governors’ salaries and the distribution of vehicles for them, and the increase of the presence of women in the leadership of local administrations; other activities of the independent local administration in the field of effective and effective leadership for local administration Was mentioned.

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