Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

US President Donald Trump has canceled the country’s peace deal with the Taliban. Trump tweeted Saturday that the talks had been canceled due to a recent Taliban attack in Kabul. Trump has canceled visits and meetings with Taliban leaders following a recent Taliban attack in Kabul and has also called off a peace deal with the group. He said he was scheduled to meet separately and “secretly” with senior Taliban leaders and President Ghani on Sunday at Camp David Resorts. “Unfortunately, the Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack in Kabul, in which a senior US Army soldier and 11 others were killed,” the president added.

The Taliban claimed responsibility in a raid on Thursday in Kabul in which two US soldiers and ten Afghan civilians were killed. Mr. Trump said that after the attack, he canceled an “immediate” meeting with senior Taliban leaders and US-Taliban peace talks. Trump continued in his tweets asking, “What kind of people do they seem to kill to bolster their bargaining position?” Trump added that the Taliban did not “better bargain” with the recent attack in Kabul, Worse.” Donald Trump added that if the Taliban could not agree to a ceasefire during these “very important” peace talks and even kill the “innocents”, they would not have the power to negotiate a “meaningful” agreement.

The US president has canceled an agreement between Zalmay Khalilzad, the US State Department spokesman for Afghan peace and the Taliban, who said yesterday that the US defense secretary would sign the agreement. The Afghan government, which has not played any role in the Taliban’s peace talks with the US so far, also opposes the deal. Presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqi said in a tweet that the Afghan government is considering Mr. Trump’s decision to cancel the deal with the Taliban.

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