Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Following the revealing documents of President Ghani former National Security Advisor, now Maryam Wardak, a former strategic communication adviser to the National Security Council’s, has confirmed in all these claims in a dialogue with the foreign media that the president has shaped a circle of six-person for promoting prostitution in Afghanistan. Ms. Wardak said: “The things that General Ahmadzai has presented, unfortunately, are all true. This reflects the work of a President Ghani state-based government, which forms Afghanistan’s politics. The use of women and the promotion of prostitution from the foundation of NUG work is one of the special chapters that how the presidential palace is operating and how they are running a presidential campaign.”

It appears that other things in Presidential Palace have been systematically pursued by specific and affiliated circles. As Ms. Wardak stressed in her interview: “Anyway, when the sound goes against the presidency, there are special circles in the social network that they are working on how to silence these real sounds,” said the former National Security Advisor for Strategic Relations. “Unfortunately, the work to promote prostitution by the Presidential Circle has led to the legitimate war between the Taliban and other jihadi groups, along with which the problem has led women in Afghanistan to face new challenges and their achievements are currently undermined. ”

In response to these claims, the Presidential Palace now says that a number of quarrels are seeking to establish ties with the Afghan president. Shah Hussein Mortazawi, the deputy spokesman for the presidential palace, said: “Unfortunately, this wrong culture has been institutionalized in Afghanistan. As long as they are in government, people see everything as positive, but when they are out of government for some reason, they resort to any kind of accusation. At the same time, if there are certain cases, it is better to share documents with the media and the justice institutions, and the government also has the right to defend itself against unfounded allegations.

The allegations come as Mohammed Ashraf Ghani, one of the leading candidates in the presidential election, is known. Meanwhile, a number of people close to the presidency claim that these allegations have been shaped by harming public opinion.

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