Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Prepared by: Nawid Sultani

By: Shershah Nawabi

A man studied at least 16-17 years of his life and having an aspiration to live with his family is now displaced in Kabul city and collecting trash. He is called Syed Abdul Majid and is from Herat’s Rabat Sangi district. Speaking English as his mother tongue, in dialogue with my colleague I have a painful account of the terror of group called Taliban, that is negotiating with Afghan and US officials, the worst part of his destiny which displaces him and makes Abdul Majid a homeless man who spent his daily life in the footpath.

We found him in Shahr-e-Now, tall, coarse black hair and eyes full of grief were clearly a narrator of the story that the Taliban shot at least five members of his family and turned him into half-human. He says that at least six years ago, a group of Taliban shot him and his family, only he and his younger sister survived from this incident, but he has lost his rest of family members, who were happy and dreaming for living in this world.

He allowed us to see the body hurt by Taliban and the place of the bullet that has changed his life. Sayeed says that at least 2 to 3 bullets hit his body, and due to the injuries now his pollen has been failed. Sayed Majid is a young man and is only accustomed to “Hashish”. He believes that while the Taliban are launching the attack on which dozens of the teenagers and youth generation of Afghanistan suffer from it. According to him no he is homeless and footpaths of Kabul is his home Like this man, thousands of other young Afghans have been addicted to the ongoing struggle in the country and have been marginalized by their ideals.

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