Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The Afghan Ministry of Defense has announced that senior Afghan security officials have decided to step up cooperation to prevent terrorist attacks and prevent terrorist movements, and that coordination between security institutions will be increased. At a news conference the acting Minister of National Defense said: “The security status of 34 provinces of Afghanistan was assessed on the basis of the decree of the President of Afghanistan. At the meeting, all security officials were attended including the deputy head of the National Security Council. Which has been directed to all relevant entities to prevent terrorist attacks. ”

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense emphasizes on efforts to reduce the number of terrorist attacks in the country, that nearly three days ago, at least 20 armed insurgents attacked the 215th Maywand army corps in Helmand, which occurred death of 25 military troops and wounded 16 others. But security sources, insist on the deaths of at least 50 ANA service members.

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