Reporter: Mortaza Haidary

The Afghan Air Force’s General Commander said in a meeting dedicated to supporting the Afghan Army’s Air force members by the support of Balka Social Organization, has reaffirmed that the country’s air forces will be able to solve their problems ahead. “Afghan Air Force is currently in good condition, based on the commitments of the international community, we expect the problems of the Afghan Air Force to be resolved in the near future,” said General Mohammad Shoaib Pilot in the ceremony of appreciating Afghan Airforce.

Mr. Shoaib also emphasizes: “At the moment, Afghan Air Force has a good human resources capability, and with the inclusion of new airmen in the ranks of the air force, the efficiency and capacity of this institution will be further ahead. We assure Afghan citizens that the Afghan Air Forces have comprehensive plans to cooperate and support them and be assured that we are fully prepared at every stage from political issues to the regular defense of the lands of Afghanistan. ”

Meanwhile, Balka Social organization head, Qudratullah Lashkari, said: “Afghan citizens praise the efforts of the country’s military, especially the Afghan air forces, to support the military man in the field and civilians in difficult situations. Today, we are praising the air forces of the country and their functions. As a social organization, we emphasize that we will always be with you and will appreciate your efforts. ”

The Air Force commander emphasizes the need to equip and reinforce Afghan Air Forces more than a dozen, which in the last few months at least 10 Afghan pilots and flight members have been killed by the Taliban or their aircraft has been fallen down for technical reasons at various parts of the country. But General Mohammad Shoaib Pilot emphasizes that these challenges are being pursued and efforts are being made to resolve the shortcomings in the air force.

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