Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Abdullah Abdullah, in a meeting with Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, said: “Terrorism is a threat to Afghan national security, and strengthen of cooperation between Kabul-Tehran has to be stepped up in line with the growing threats.” At the meeting, the country’s chief executive has said the upcoming meeting of Afghanistan, India, and Iran is important and he hopes that the meeting will create a new opportunity for businessmen from the three countries. He emphasized that bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Iran are not under the umbrella of relations with a third country.

Meanwhile, Abbas Iraqchi, the Iranian Political Foreign deputy minister, has said: he is visiting Afghanistan to attend trilateral meeting of Afghanistan, Iran, and India, and emphasizes that work is ongoing to finalize the Kabul-Tehran comprehensive cooperation document, and from 5 committees work of the three committees has been completed, and the work of two other committees has gone up by 90 percent. Mr. Iraqchi has said that the efforts of the Afghan government are praiseworthy for peace and stability.

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