Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

At a meeting with the German Foreign Minister, chief executive Afghanistan has emphasized on the continuation of German support to this war-torn country. According to a newsletter released by Sapidar palace, Mr. Abdullah has called for more assistance to Afghanistan. “The chief executive has said in a meeting with Haiku-Moss that Germany’s role was prominent, constructive and positive in recent developments of Afghanistan and he has called for continued cooperation between the two countries”.

The German foreign minister praised the upswing in Afghanistan and hopes that Afghanistan will be ahead of the election to provide a peaceful and democratic institution. “We emphasize once again on our support for the Afghan Peace Talks,” said Mr. Haiku Moss. “The talks should include protecting the achievements of recent years, especially women’s rights, media freedom, human rights, and the peace talks will have a positive result while the Taliban would enter to direct dialogue with the Afghan government. ”

Meanwhile, the two sides have emphasized that they will continue their efforts to provide peace in Afghanistan, and the focus of government efforts will be on face-to-face talks with the Taliban. In addition, the chief executive has emphasized that in these talks, the achievements of Afghanistan and the international community will not be sacrificed.

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