Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):
Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail
After US President Donald Trump met with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, claiming that he has the ability to destroy Afghanistan in ten days, the US president’s response to Afghanistan war now has raised several reactions in Afghanistan. Some Kabul citizens believe that the political weakness of the government has led Donald Trump to make such a claim to appeal to Imran Khan. Yassin, a resident of Kabul, says: “I think that Trump is in the first stage of mental illness, and in the next, too, he makes such a claim because of Islamabad’s complacency,” he said.
Abdullah, a resident of the capital, said: “The failed policies of the government are one of the key issues that the United States is making with Pakistan in one place about the fate of Afghanistan. Although the leaders of the national unity government have claimed to have isolated Islamabad, trump response showed that Pakistani politicians are far more capable and able to do so at any time during their political games to change the situation for their own benefit. Alongside that, I think that excessive occupation of government leaders in electoral campaigns has led the US to explicitly use this position and somehow insult the nation of Afghanistan. ”
Meanwhile, Shafiq Hamdam, a political analytic, says that the government’s leadership in election campaigns, as well as personal issues, has led Islamabad to decide on the fate of Afghanistan. “Pakistani leaders are so empowered and thinking that they can change the environment in the worst conditions for their nation and country interest, though Imran Khan was diplomatically humiliated, at the meeting with his trump, he proved that he has many abilities. And can still engage as an influential leader in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, to the extent that it is in the interests of Pakistan to have its own lawsuits. ”
This is a tribute to Trump, who recently accused Pakistan of double games on Twitter. The case that proves that the tramp has psychological problems.

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