Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasoli

Head of Defense Ministry, Asadullah Khalid today visited Afghan Air force Corps. Mr. Khalid said in his visit that the current situation in Afghanistan requires more effort from the country’s air forces to suppress the enemy. Mr. Khalid said: “In the current situation, we need more air support in the country, and I wish that you will continue to carry out your duties with patriotic motivation, discipline, and military manners.”

In his visit, Mr. Khalid praised the courage and contest of the air force pilots for supporting land plots, supplies, transfers and targeting terrorist nests. Mr. Khalid praised the efforts of the country’s military forces, it is expected that in recent months American Black Hawks choppers would be replaced instead of Russian MI 17. The country’s army is expected to gain more than 150 Black Hawk choppers from the US Army by 2023.

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