Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

the number of police and army personnel in the Bala Murghab district warn the central government that the district will fall into the hands of the Taliban if they do not provide them troop assistance and ammunition up to 12 hours. A police officer in Badghis told Pasbanan: “I have a lot of calls with the forces based in Bala Murghab, and their situation gets worse every moment. Until now, 40 military servicemen, including police, army, and popular forces have been hijacked. There are nearly 20 martyrs, the district is under the siege of the Taliban, and now they are trying to increase the military pressure on Moqor district. ”

“If the central government does not help the security forces within the next 12 hours, the security forces in Bala Murghab will not be able to control the district,” the source added. In total, the whole district is under the siege of the Taliban, and according to our reports, at least 1000 Taliban militants have launched a group attack that has worsened the security situation in Bala Murghab. If there would be no further assistance provided, the situation will get worse off. ”

The Taliban attack took place just one day after tensions between security forces in Balkh, a case that caused Abdullah’s anger, and he insisted that all facilities should be used against the enemy instead of using the equipment against the people.

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