Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Fawad Nawabi

Abdul Jabar Naeemi, Kunduz province governor in a meeting with the provincial security officials, ordered all Afghan joint forces in the province to increase their attacks on armed opposition and targeting their save heavens would be their main priority for the country’s military members in north-eastern Afghanistan. He emphasizes that in the following days, the security forces, including the Army, police and national directorate of security, have been able to increase their coordination’s to prevent from terrorist acts in the province.

Mr. Naeemi also said at the meeting that to prevent the Taliban’s terrorist activities in the front lines of the battle, there should be more assertive attacks against the group and coordination between the security forces and the Kunduz defending sectors must increase more than ever. Meanwhile, the acting head of the Defense Ministry has ordered all troops in the country to seriously prevent terrorist attacks by the Taliban and other terrorist groups in the cities of the country.

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