Pasbanan- Kabul

At a meeting of Supreme Council for Urban Development headed by president, a plan for the project of 1,000 residential units was approved to help needy and martyrs families. The meeting discussed details of 1,000 residential units’ project and first year of the municipality’s implementation program, especially improvement of Kabul traffic situation. Abdullah Habibzi, head of Kabul Municipality give details on, considered traffic management challenges in of low organizational, structural and intrinsic capacities, time-consuming and non-standard procedures, administrative corruption and forgery of documents, and planned for the first year of the Kabul Municipality, the next year’s plans and The capital’s infrastructure programs.

He added that traffic studies at Kabul’s 30th intersection, traffic studies around the city’s belt and design for 96 km of roads are also achievements of this year’s Kabul Municipality. Minister of Urban Affairs Sayed Sadat Mansour Naderi said the merger of traffic management with municipalities in Kabul and Herat would be a successful example and suggested that the plan should be followed up and institutionalized in all provinces as well. The Minister for Urban Development and Housing said that on the basis of an agreement signed between the Al-Gharrafa Foundation and the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, 1,000 residential units will be made of non-contributory grants to help needy families and martyrs.


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