Kabul – Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Firdous Rasouli

As a result of continuous and comprehensive consultations with internal stakeholders and serious efforts made by the government, the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the peace negotiations with the Taliban has been formed. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is on the same page with the United States on the next steps for the peace process.

Political, social and ethnic diversity have been observed within the 15-member delegation which will represent the Islamic Republic in peace negotiations while taking into will account the values and achievements of the Afghan people.

The Government of Afghanistan (is fully committed to ensuring a lasting, just and honorable peace and has demonstrated this commitment in practice over the past five years. The State Ministry for Peace considers government-to-government strategic ties at regional and Tran’s regional levels as a fundamental principle for stability in the country – of which the strategic relationship between Afghanistan and the United States is of paramount importance.

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