Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Pakistan, which is known as the largest source of Terrorism support in the region, now warns that if India tries to respond by violence against Islamabad, the peace process between the United States and the Taliban will be damaged. Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan Zahid Nasrallah, who participated in a press conference on Tuesday, said: “Whenever India is resorting to violence in connection with the Kashmir bombing against Pakistan, peace talks between the United States and the Taliban will be affected. Imran Khan has also said that the issue of Kashmir should be resolved peacefully so as the peace process in Afghanistan should not be hurt. ”

But then in response to this ire-responsible statement of Pakistani official in Kabul presidential palace said that the presence of terrorist nests in Pakistani territory is the greatest threat to regional stability. “Pakistan should prevent the use of terrorist as their strategic tool, and the safe havens of terrorists across the Afghan border should be eliminated,” Said Haroon Chakhansory Presidential palace spokesman to the media.

Mr. Chkhansory continues to emphasize: “Pakistan needs to take honest action to eliminate the terrorist nests to secure security in the region and, on the other hand, to bring economic benefits to Pakistani citizens. Because of the change in the social and economic life of its citizens and the region’s peace and stability depends on the efforts of Pakistan. We hope that Pakistani officials will take practical steps to suppress terrorist attacks, instead of unfounded statements. ”

Pakistani ambassador to Kabul has also said that his country has made great efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan, but this is a common concern of all the countries of the region, and Islamabad believes in international talks on the ownership and leadership of the Afghans.

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