Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad din Agharkhail

Dozens of Ismaili followers and supporters of Salem Naikbeen, MPs from Kabul, demanded that her votes should be recounted by the electoral commissions during holding a large protest in Kabul.

They argued that the Ismaili’s living in Afghanistan have been deprived of their civil, political, cultural, social, and economic rights over the course of history in political matters; they emphasized that now, with the removal of Ms. Naikbeen, in the final results of the Ismaili minority elections has been eliminated, now the supporters of this candidate warned in a protest rally that if the government does not prevent its removal by recounting the votes, they will leave Afghanistan as a group.

Salima Naikbeen, a candidate for parliamentary elections from Kabul Ismaili community, was proclaimed at an early stage; however, in the final round, she was denied access to the parliament for unclear reasons.

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