Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Follad Ahangaran

The Taliban have announced in their latest newsletter that more than 200 Afghan soldiers were killed and wounded in the suicide and assassination operations of the group in the Sherzad district of Nangarhar. The Taliban also said that they were able to eliminate dozens of security equipment and were able to destroy district building and a military base in the Sherzad district.

Although the Taliban launched they are failed and shameful operations under the name of Al-Fath, the Afghan security and defense forces are more and more capable of fighting against these groups and are currently fighting against them. For the battle and destruction of the group, they have launched serious operations. While the group is attempting to impose a Pakistani view on Afghanistan citizens with a number of their savors, which includes intelligence spies and intellect in the region, but in response to the attack on the group in Sherzad, of Nangarhar, the mercenary group suffered heavy casualties. In response, like the Afghan security forces, at least eight senior commanders of the group who led the battle were wounded.

These reports are published in a time that Zalmai Khalilzad has to condemn Taliban offensive operation and has said that their spring assault shows the group is willing to continue the war and violate the country for their own dream.

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