Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ahmad Shakib Zaheer

On the first day of the New Year, a terrorist attack in Kabul killed at least six people and wounded 23 others. Now the National Security Advisor of the country in response to the incident says that insurgents are not worth anything and they are always bleeding. Mr. Moheb said: “The enemies of the peace and stability of Afghanistan people launched a horrible attack on the first day of New Year, on the orders of their barbarian savages, we are unfortunate of the loss during this incident. I share myself in the sadness of the families of the victims. This hideous act does not have any justification and it is condemned. ”

Now he has ordered all the country’s security forces that those groups which are willing to sacrifice Afghan citizens daily the security forces should not be immune from now on and they must be suppressed. “To ensure our people, our brave security forces will continue to crush the terrorists, and will not hesitate to try to protect the days of Nowruz,” said Mr. Moheb, with the repression of terrorists.

Meanwhile, the interior ministry said today’s terrorist attack was caused by a magnetic Mine explosion, but the Ministry of Defense says the terrorists have harmed civilians by using mortar rounds in Kabul PD 3.

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