Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report by: Shershah Nawabi

After ending today’s voting for parliamentary elections in Afghanistan, apparently, it was a good answer for those terrorists that were thinking fighting would be the main tool for achieving the power. Around 6 pm on Sunday president addressed the nation, he said that the election process was successful and he emphasized that the Afghan citizens exercised their well for achieving democracy in Afghanistan. Mr. Ghani said that side spread presence of the citizens showed that they will not surrender to force and in fact election process showed that they have the ability to element all bullies of Taliban insurgents.

Mr. Ghani says: “Although you have been threatened by the Taliban, you have not forcibly surrendered. If the Taliban have the moral courage to show their strength among the people, I say to the Taliban, let’s show that your path is popular or the path to democracy. The citizens of Afghanistan showed their enemies that they were not subjected to threats and warnings, but they wanted to break it, they showed the world that they want only democracy. ”

The country’s president continues to add, “The women’s presence as a candidate and a voter for Afghan democracy is a triumph over the election. In the current day’s election, you have proven that with the help of God in the presidential election you will also have a large presence in order to choose the new regime and your leader through the legitimate path. Thanks to the candidates for mobility and encouraging of citizens in this election, the prominent candidates who do not enter the House of Representatives are open to being a part of the government. ”

Mr. Ghani continues to emphasize that the Taliban’s movements were less than their attacks in 2014 elections, and the country’s security forces accomplished to manage the process with the victory.

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