Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

In response to a widespread protest by the presidential candidate’s followers, “Youth of Afghanistan” has posted in a newsletter that today’s protest was launched by the orders ISI after presidential candidates went to Pakistan. According to the newsletter: “It’s more than 40 years that Pakistan is sacrificing us with intelligence methods, Our children, our women, and our adults are martyred in daily bases. As a nation, we are throwing blood every day, but our hated faces dip somewhere in Pakistan and sometimes in Russia to the regional intelligence unit. We are being killed, but these vile and black faces are trading with our blood and life. For this reason, we are opposed to oppression and do not allow the ISI to destroy Kabul once again. We will close all the paths that lead to the holy mosque of Edgar and we will raise our voice against these puppets of ISI. ”

The newsletter has also stated: “The youth of Afghanistan at the same time opposed the house of Hanif Atmar at Wazir Akbar Khan’s crossroads against Pakistan,” the newsletter has also stated: “Our jumble will be as tall as the ISI heartbreak hits in Rawalpindi.” The response from the Afghan youth organization shows that today the presidential candidates’ council, gathered at the Ghazi Stadium of the Kabul and insisted that president Ghani should step down from power or work as the head of state or he should work as the head of care taker government.

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