Pasbanan- Kabul:

As Afghan government has announced that parliamentary elections of the country will be held in this year, and also Afghan election commission has already said that they are prepared to implement this process according to a timetable, now European Union has announced that they will support this process by investment and also by sending their expertise to Afghanistan.

Federica Mogherini the high-level representative of EU has said in Tashkent Conference: “This year and next year the people of Afghanistan will once again vote for their representatives in parliamentary and presidential elections. We Europeans are supporting the electoral process with our investment and expertise.

She has urged the Afghan government to hold this process in a peaceful and transparent environment. Madam Mogherini Says: “we want the next elections to be inclusive, transparent and credible, to consolidate democracy in Afghanistan, which is a key element of any Afghan renaissance, of any future, peaceful Afghanistan.”

EU is announcing to support Afghanistan election process at a time that currently election observers believe holding of this election will be so challenging cause there is no political well for among Afghanistan government and also, due to security risks there would be a delay in holding this process.

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