Pasbanan-                     National procurement commission meant projects of power generating from gas in Balkh and Jozjan province. According to NPC newsletter which was released by media department of this commission president ghani agreed for implementing of these projects in last meeting of NPC. newsletter adds: these projects were signed by Afghan government and two private companies, while National Unity Government CEO and  vice president were president at the ceremony. According to the news letter these projects were signed for the first time between two private companies and public participation office of Afghanistan finance ministry and NPC.

The NPC has also said that Power generation project of Sheberghan will cost 38.8 million dollars and meanwhile planting of power generation system of Mazar Sharif will cost 75 million dollars. The first project will be completed in upcoming 5 years and the second will end at the upcoming 40 years. Newsletter also adds: the Sheberghan power generation project will help the people of Jozjan to gain 40 mega watt power and also Mazar implanting power generation system will provide 50 mega watt power to the city.


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