Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

Afghanistan Senate in connection with cuts to Tajikistan’s imported electricity line today Parliament said the Senate’s message to the Taliban and the group’s leadership is to crack down on service networks that have cut power to 12 provinces, and hundreds more. They have darkened the school and the mosque.

They also said, “The Taliban have cut off electricity from the address of the religion for two days; while the Prophet of God has repeatedly ordered to provide services and facilities to the people, but the Taliban has cut electricity, telecommunications services and destroyed roads with the people. Enemy. ”

Two days ago, the Taliban blew up four power stations in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in Kunduz and Baghlan, which cut off electricity in Kabul and 11 other provinces two days ago.

But because of the war in areas where electricity has been cut, Breshna employees have so far failed to reconnect the power line.

Only Kabul has more than six million, which needs 500 MW of electricity. But Breshna now has about 120 megawatts of solar and diesel power to serve the city.

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