Pasbanan- Kabul:

Reporters Sans Frontiers’) Reporters without Borders (, has published their annual report, which says that Afghanistan has climbed two ranks in 2018 Press Freedom list. According to the mentioned report, Afghanistan now stands at the 118th grade of World Press Freedom List. The report adds, Norway is on top of the list and North Korea has attained the last grade.

The report uncovers the increasing insolence of politicians with journalists and emphasizes the apparent political opposition to the media by a number of political leaders in countries because they identify freedom of the media and the imposition of journalism as a treat For their authority, the report states that Turkey and Egypt are ranked 157 and 161 who are discriminating against reporters.

But meanwhile, Afghanistan will have got 2 ranks higher in 2018, with significant advances in media freedom. While the organization has described Afghanistan as a deadly country for journalists who have lost their lives for at least 15 journalists only last year as a result of ISK and Taliban attacks.

In addition, the neighboring countries of Afghanistan have experienced ups and downs. According to the report, Iran has a got one rank higher, in the ranking 164th, Pakistan is ranked 139th and Tajikistan ranked 149th. This report is a benchmark for measuring journalists’ freedom of expression in 180 countries. According to the presidential palace of Afghanistan, Afghanistan has experienced two categories of ascension in the media freedom list, based on joint efforts by journalists and the government.

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