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Giving a name to children have a specific value, it’s said that choosing a good name for children means giving them their identity and self-confidence. But in Afghanistan from a long time ago giving names to children are only for showing you’re goodwill to others or even for attracting of society or a specific person. Newly some Afghan citizens are giving their children names of foreign politician. A few weeks ago, one citizen of Jaghori district of Ghazni give his son name of Donald Trump and also he got an identity card for him as Donald Trump. The father of this child told to media: by giving his son name of Donald Trump he was willing to show his attitude for policy making of Trump.

According to a new report, one of Samangan province provincial council member has put the name of Elizabeth on her daughter, please do not make any mistake, we are not speaking about Queen Elizabeth of England, she is the daughter of Masooma Hassani a provincial council member of Samangan and Khalil Farzad. Elizabeth junior parents say: the reason that we give our daughter name of Queen Elizabeth is her highness and majesty and we hope that one day she will shine such as Queen Elizabeth in future.

The family of Junior Elizabeth also said that she was born in 1/1/1396 and in this 1/1/1397 she becomes one year old. Madam Hassani mother of Elizabeth says: her birthday cake and also clothes are designed as birthday cake and clothes of Queen Elizabeth. On this occasion, some citizens believe that giving political names and especially foreign politician names to the children are used for attracting concentration and in some cases that parents are looking to have a high chance for asylum seeking.

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