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Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Image: Morteza Haidari

The general director of Passport directorate said that after this the process of distributing passports will take three working days. Sayed Omar Sabor adds: “By opening the online distribution system of our passport, we can provide Passport to the people who have request for this document within three days and it is a good news for our clients. In addition, opening of this system will allow us to provide the applicants with the passport as soon as possible in the provinces. ”

“The new passport system will be able to distribute 10,000 passports in one day, and at the same time 6,000 users can use this service online,” said Minister of Telecommunications and information Shahzad Gul Aryobi. Mr. Aryobi added: “We tried to take into account all the global standards for passport distribution in the system, and after these passports would be available to applicants through post office in the shortest possible time. To activate the system we have spent, $ 56,000, and a new system should be introduced that the system was introduced to Passport directorate by Asan Khedmat directorate and this system could solve the problem of our clients. ”

Meanwhile, interior ministry acting head Massoud Andarabi believes that the new system of passport distribution in the country can provide more opportunity to prevent corruption. Andarabi emphasizes: “Providing better service to people by the government will make a close relationship, and we have expedited the distribution service of the passport. Today, we have the ability to distribute 10,000 passports a day, which is done in the least possible time, and we believe that this system will prevent corruption in the structures of the Ministry of Interior. ”

The country’s general Passport Directorate head also stated that the office has currently issued nearly 3.5 million white passports with a strong security system, and after the distribution of these passports, Afghanistan’s passports will be equipped with Chip system.

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