Pasbanan- Kabul:

After returning of General Abdul Rashid Dostom the first vice president of Afghanistan, Ahmad Aishchi has claimed that misbehavior case of first vice president against him should be followed by judicial institutions. Ahmad Aischi has told media in an interview that he has no problem with returning of General Dostom to the country but his case should be resolved by justice institutions. Mr. Dostom was exiled 14 months ago while tensions between him and Afghan president increased, also misbehavior with Ahmad Aishchi ex-governor of Jowzjan were the main reason which he was sent to Turkey for several months. Mr. Aischi has also added: “in past 12 months he has come several times to attorney general’s office but he was answered rejections from this institution. The reason for their rejection was that General Dostom was not present in the country and the general attorney was unable to call him for prostitution.”

Meanwhile, several media outlets reported that Mr. Aishchi has changed his position against first vice president and he has called elders Jirga for resolving this issue, but Ahmad Aischi has rejected this issue and he said that his speech was misinterpreted. He has also said that the Afghan national unity government is responsible for follow up of his case.


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