Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The kidnappers have kidnapped the small cricket star of Afghanistan in Nangarhar a few days ago. Now, Ahmed Quraishi, in a recent video message has urged his family, if they would not pay the proposed amount to the kidnappers which are around 300,000 US dollars as soon as possible, they will hurt him, in this massage the Ahmad Quraishi known as small Rashid Khan has urged his family: “please Send the requested money to the kidnappers; otherwise, they will cut off my fingers first, and then they will kill me”.

This kidnapping has prompted the deputy interior minister sharp reaction. General Khushal Sadat wrote on his twitter page: “I am personally following the kidnapping case of Ahmed Quraishi, the youngest cricketer in the country. I wish that he would be released without any harm from the kidnappers at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, kidnappers will face us without any kind of mercy. ”

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Ahmad Qureshi is currently in good health condition. He is famous for Rashid Khan the well know cricket star of Afghanistan, and has a special skill in the upsurge like the great cricket star Rashid Khan.

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