Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Sayed Mojtaba Sadat

Ahmed Wali Hotak, Afghan free fighter Champion was targeted by the unknown man last night and got wounded. Mr. Hotak, Health condition was reported well by the hospital officials, he has told media that he was targeted at the way to his house last night after returning from a gathering with his friends. The Afghan free fighter has also claimed that he was invited to a gathering of a parliamentary candidate and while he was returning to his house unknown man attacked him in Now Abad area of Bagrami, Kabul PD 12th.

Mr. Hotak also announced that he was supposed to go out of Afghanistan today to participate in a competition. However, the interior minister of the country has ordered all officials of the Criminal investigation department and Kabul Police Department to study this case and identify its perpetrators whom will be introduced to the judiciary and judicial institutions of Afghanistan.

Mr. Hotak was targeted by five unknown man’s last night around 11:10 pm, he was injured with a knife in his abdomen area and later he was carried to the hospital, now he is under treatment in emergency hospital of Kabul.

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