Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

Tomorrow, Feb. 18, Islamabad will host Taliban delegation. A case that has been angered the national unity government, which is believed to be a flagrant violation of Afghan sovereignty. Foreign ministry spokesman Sebghatullah Ahmadi told PMG: “According to a Taliban news release, nine members of the group will meet with the Pakistani PM, which includes the 1988 UN sanctions list. This is a clear violation of the United Nations sanctions and the sovereignty of Afghanistan, because the group is in fight with the Afghan security forces every day and they are violating the country. So far, the 9 Taliban have not been banned and Islamabad is using a peace deal cove to meet with the group; therefore, we have filed a complaint with the United Nations for ignoring Afghan sovereignty by Pakistan.”

Mr. Ahmadi continues to add: “All countries of the world are members of the United Nations and have committed themselves to implementing the UN resolutions. We are hoping that the Security Council’s action by Pakistan will be seriously investigated, and we hope Pakistan will remain honest with its commitments to the United Nations and the countries of the world. ”

Civil activists believe that Islamabad is not willing to hand over Taliban, which is the strategic tool of this country, to any regional or global powers. “Pakistan wants to take its strategic weapon back in their hand, by using the Taliban, Islamabad goes against the will of all political and diplomatic institutions,” Aziz Rafee, head of the Afghan Civil Society Complex said. “Islamabad is not willing to surrender this strategic weapon to another, it is important for the Afghan government to act cautiously in this regard.”

So far, the Taliban have held four meetings with the American delegation under the leadership of Zalmay Khalilzad. The case Islamabad claims to have provided facilities for these talks between the Taliban and Washington, and Pakistan supports the process.

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