Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Saadat

Ahmed Quraishi, the smallest player and the Afghan cricket star who also became famous as Rashid Khan, was released last night by special police forces in Nangarhar from the custody of the kidnappers. The sources have confirmed that he had returned to his family healthily last night and his health condition is satisfactory.

Ahmad Quraishi was kidnapped about two weeks before Nangarhar, the kidnappers had requested 300 thousand dollars instead of releasing him. Meanwhile, Gen. Khushal Sadat deputy interior minister has written on his Twitter page: “Ahmad Qureshi has now returned to his family, but kidnappers should be responsive to the people, especially to the family of Ahmad Qureshi, in my opinion, that no one would give the kidnappers a chance so they must be punished.”

Ahmad Qureshi is a school student and is one of the leading players in the cricket Academy Spin Ghar in eastern Afghanistan. With the creativity shown on the top, he is now known as Little Rashid Khan. It is still unclear how many suspects have been detained in connection with the kidnapping of the smallest cricket star in eastern Afghanistan.

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