Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

By: Mortaza Haidary

Yesterday’s incident killed Samim Farmarz reporter and Ramez Ahmadi cameraman of TOLO news, and 5 reporters including Khalid Naikzad, Hussain Rastemanish, Seyar reporters of Khurshid TV and 2 other journalists were wounded. This incident took place one hour after suicide bomber targeted wrestling club called Maiwand, while the reporters when in the scene to cover the incident. President Ghani says this attack shows that terrorists are so cowered and they targeted our civilization, national unity and freedom of speech. Once again he condemned this terrorist attack and ordered all the organizations to provide emergency support for the victims of this attack.

But Sediqullah Tawhidi, chief executive of Afghanistan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) says that Afghan government is incapable of securing journalist’s safety. He says: “there is no doubt that such incidents would be attack on freedom of speech in the county and losing our journalists will increase tensions among media activist’s. while no news is valuable than live of our journalists but I believe that national unity government is incapable and weak to secure the people. They are unable to provide safety of journalists while they are covering terror attacks and their aim is to raise peoples voice.”

Meanwhile, killing of journalists have raised concerns among media activists, they emphasized that these incidents would undermine their inspiration but they will work to have freedom of speech in the country. The reporters also highlights that they will follow their fallen comrades footprints and they will try their best to raise Afghanistan citizen voices.


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