Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

One day ago the Afghan Senate urged senior security officials to respond to insecurity in all parts of Afghanistan. “The security management in the country has now been lifted out of our hands because suicide bombers and even the guerrilla groups of terrorists or the group have already been arrested,” said Deputy Speaker of the Senate Mohammad Alam Aizadyar, fearing increased insecurity around the country. They have been fighting to the heart of the cities, including the capital and the people are worried.”

But security officials, despite the fact that they accept the challenges, insist that the change in the methods of war has caused the Taliban to suffer heavy casualties. Acting Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi said: “in the tactical level some circles use those people who use the police and security forces in the city, even using the police and security forces name, to scourge and plunder in various parts of the country. They also do not care. But in the end, the terrorist groups have suffered a lot of casualties in the country’s military efforts. ”

Meanwhile, Deputy Defense Minister Mohammad Yassin Zia has said: “When there are ten people in a security checkpoint, it’s natural that twenty, thirty or forty people who operate at the checkpoint will increase casualties. One cannot deny the fact that such cases affect the morale of the country’s security and defense forces, but also in military terms in areas where we do not need to be present, we do not see our forces displaced in those areas. »

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