Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

At the height of political tensions and political conflicts in Afghanistan, and concerns over regional consensus for peace, Alexander Mantitski, the Russian ambassador to Kabul, in a special conversation with Pasbanan Media Group, has stated that, in order to end the conflict, the establishment of a regional consensus in Afghanistan should be balanced foreign policy which must be taken in hand by the government of Afghanistan. “The country needs to pursue a balanced regional policy, on the one hand, to create a regional consensus on the peace process and to resolve the Afghan crisis, and on the other hand, this type of policy will enable Afghanistan to benefit economically from its regional position as the heart of Asia,” said Mr. Mantitski.  “As Afghanistan is at the heart of Asia, so it needs to be a unifying point for the countries of the region. Along with that, the Afghan government must respond to the concerns of the countries of the region, because the presence of the United States in Afghanistan, as well as regional conflicts between Arabs and Iran, are worrisome for us which should be addressed.” The Russian ambassador in Kabul highlighted this issue.

“We do not carry out any kind of proxy war with the United States in Afghanistan,” he added, “but by responding to the concerns of the countries in the region, a road towards a comprehensive understanding of the Afghan peace is being created. Since terrorist and narcotics are two terrible phenomena for the countries of the region and even the world, so Russia, as one of the most influential countries in the region, wants the United States and NATO, which has 18 years of military presence in the country, to give this opportunity to take equal part in fight against all threats that we face from Afghanistan soil. We believe that Moscow must be a part of the fight against terrorists and narcotics so that our concerns will be resolved.”

The Russian ambassador to Kabul, is calling for a joint struggle with terrorist and narcotics in a time that earlier, Russian Federal Intelligence Agency head announced in a joint meeting of Central Asian countries Security heads that at least 5,000 ISIS fighters in northern Afghanistan gathered and their quest is to pose new threats for Central Asian countries.

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