Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mortaza Haidary

In the most recent case, the US Special Inspector General for Reconstruction of Afghanistan announced that the mistake made by the United States and its allies in Afghanistan would wipe out the 18-year achievements of Washington and NATO in the country. John F. Sopko said the Afghan government is facing serious challenges in politics, security, economics, and financial weaknesses. Most importantly, John F. Sopko warned that if the United States broke peace talks, the 18-year-old achievements of Afghan women would be more threatened.

Now, this issue has raised the concern of women’s rights activists in the country. “In our meetings with international community countries, our emphasis was on the need to preserve the achievements of women, because these achievements were accompanied by the suffering sacrifices of Afghan citizens and international community,” Humaira Saqib women activist and Afghan Women’s News Agency founder said, in an interview with the Prambanan Media Group. She also added: “colleagues in the international community have suffered much more in term of supporting women to gain their rights in Afghan society. Although the international community has pledged to discuss this issue in Intra- Afghan dialogues between Taliban and Afghan government, we want a serious follow-up of this issue in talks with the Taliban by those parties who took part.”

According to Ms. Saqib, the Afghan government and the Taliban should make it clear to women that if they join the peace, they will preserve the achievements of women. “Although the Taliban have stated that they consider women’s rights within the framework of Islamic law, but now they must make clear this issued that the status of women in politics, economics, social affairs, and other sectors will be accepted by them, and are the Taliban accepting that women like wife of The Prophet Mohammad stands in the queue of battle and plays a role in politics?”

At the same time, the concerns on protecting women rights are raised in a time that, now 18 years after the efforts of the international community and the Afghan government, women have now had a good political and economic partnership with men and play a significant role in this country.

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