Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Saadat

US former national security adviser, H.R McMaster, said he was severely affected by the decline in support for the Afghan war. According to him, the American citizens complained that their country was in this battle and they know that “this failure of the story” comes from the “fatigue of the war”.

Now, this view has meant the experience of the Second World War for the United States, and this is actually the case among the Washington Foreign Policy Implementation System, which means that the “foreign policy makers” of the United States, the citizens of this country as their children They are also considered to be school leaders who need to manage it. In fact, these are people who are involved in deciding that war and peace are for a large crowd because these people are thinking that others do not know anything.

This will not be far from reality. McMaster’s comments now point out Washington’s indifference to endangering US interests explicitly states that the final decision is made by the people, not a few who seems to heal themselves, as long as you decide. That was worth the war. And after almost two decades of this battle, without any benefits to America, or to finish it completely. It is therefore obvious that people will never be tired of battle but elites, although these people understand the situation properly.

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