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Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

Amrullah Saleh, vice president of Ghani’s election campaign, wrote in response to the onset of new tensions in Balkh on his Facebook page: “The appointment of the new police commander for Balkh province has not been a plot and scheme against anyone and no political party. This decision was taken to improve the security situation in the province. During the term of the dismissed commander, the General Ekram Samay increased the scope of insecurity until several times the Taliban managed to close the highway between Mazar-e-Sharif and Sheberghan, and a series of clear and secret assassinations reached the city of Mazar-i-Sharif. They may have military records, but a fair assessment of any kind of personal and political tastes has shown that it is difficult to improve the security situation in Balkh without changing the leadership of the command.

Mr. Saleh believes that the former Balkh commander cannot lead and provide security in the province, he continues to write: “When I was the interior minister, I discussed the situation in Balkh directly with the colleges of the ministry the second and third ranks of security, and I have discussed everything. I asked them No one was pleased with the leadership and the management of commander, Ekram Samay, and the reasons for the loss of motivation in the police ranks were mainly looping in leadership, lack of connection with the ranks, lack of knowledge of the real situation of the area, lack of knowledge of enemy networks, lack of motivation The desire for leadership was for urbanism and luxury. ”

Amrullah Saleh insists that the new commander of Balkh is competent and without any political affiliation he is appointed to Balkh: “A person who has been appointed in his place also has no belonging to any political group that has no interest in the interests and power of Balkh. From the political perspective, the situation has also shown that the Peace and Moderation Electoral Team led by Mr. Mohammad Hanif Atmar is a team full of contradictions, and has no ability to define national and group interests at critical moments. The team has been narrating and threateningly depicting offensive laws and speeches in recent weeks. ”

Mr. Saleh also hopes that in this tensions, no child of this soil will be blamed for protecting the personal and collective interests of anyone and those who are under the umbrella of the regime will respect the law and the sacrifices of the country’s brave security forces. He adds that the threat of the people of Mazar-e-Sharif will hurt the civilians in the face of the masked person, and one will not benefit from the policy of terrorist fear. Think softly and decide.

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