Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Amrullah Saleh, a well-meaning politician and former Afghan National Security Director, has revealed the Taliban’s behind-the-scenes efforts joint with Islamabad to break down the ruling regime in Afghanistan. Saleh, who was named as the first vice president of President Ghani in the upcoming presidential election, said in an interview with “Hindustan Times”: “The most recent method of Pakistani military is actually to deploy the Afghan Taliban, known as the Quetta Council. In fact, everything that the Pakistani army makes or willing to implement regarding Afghanistan is based on the use of members of the Quetta Council in Qatar. Taliban leaders are always moving from Karachi airport or Islamabad airport to Qatar to talk Pakistani army visions in Afghanistan and they are acting as spokespersons of Pakistan Army in their debates.”

Mr Saleh also criticizes the NATO-US policy. First Vice President to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani electoral them in the upcoming election has also said that Western allies have never put pressure on the Taliban in their first home, Pakistan. Saleh believes: “The Taliban were defeated in Afghanistan, but they were never subjected to serious pressure in their first home, which is Pakistan. There is still a gap in the policy of the United States and NATO in dealing with the safe haven of terrorists in Pakistan, all the efforts are to support the Taliban by the Pakistan army and low pressure has caused the insurgents to still be in Pakistan and enjoy their life. While we did our homework’s in accordance to eliminate Taliban, but Pakistan was never able to fight against what it received from the United States, as Trump said they were trying to deceive the United States. ”

Mr Saleh condemns Pakistani military’s deception of public opinion in a time that earlier Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has just announced that the only option for the end of Afghan crisis is to create an interim government in this country with the participation of Taliban. Finally, it can be said that Pakistan and the Taliban are currently the two sides of coins and want to make a puppet system in favour of Islamabad in Afghanistan.

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